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All about Arney:
Arney is a 9-Banded Armadillo born and raised in the Lone Star State (That's Texas to you out-of-
towners). When he's not running away from cats, or flying around with his best pal Dorp, he's racing
toads on the long Texas highways, and entering local armadillo races. (He's currently a 10 year

Arney is proud to be a Texan. For him, there's no better place, and because of that, he'd like to
share with you a few things that he's learned.
1. Cats are better stuffed.
2. Armadillo soup is no laughing matter.
3. Racing a Chevy truck is okay.
4. Racing a Ford truck isn't.
5. There are only 2 seasons in Texas: Kinda hot, and real hot.
Need to go?
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Howdy Ya'll!
We hope you'll enjoy Arney's site. There are several educational resources to be found here,
and also a lot of fun things for kids and their families to do. So put your feet up, kick out
the cat, and pull on your Stetson, because we're going to Texas!
Keep goin' there's more below!
Texas Independence
Quickie Texas Facts
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Capital: Austin (founded 1839)
State Population: 21,805,000
Facts and Figures from
Nickname: "The Lone Star State"
Song: "Texas, Our Texas"
After winning it's independence from Mexico, Texas was it's own republic
until 1845 when it became the 28th state in the United States of America.
It is the second largest state (behind Alaska).
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Last update April 12, 2005
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Arney News:
Arney would like to thank everyone who sent cards and letters after that
unfortunate mouse trap incident which sent him to the vet for the day. His
tail is doing much better now! (That's a joke partner!)
Arney Events:
Arney (the puppet) performs in a musical puppet show, live every month in
the Houston area. If you live in or near Houston, TX you can see Arney
and all of his other puppet friends perform. For more information, pictures
or show dates visit the link below.